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Terre Haute Crime Statistics & Your Need For Self-defense:

While Terre Haute, Indiana boasts of some low numbers as it relates to crime and larger, more developed and populated cities (e.g., Indianapolis), one may be surprised to find that there are several violent crime statistics that do not favor Terre Haute or Vigo County.  For example, did you know that when it comes to murder, rape and robbery Terre Haute’s “rate per 1,000” is higher than the national average?  Yep.

Murder in Terre Haute:     0.07     Murder in the Country:     0.05

Rape in Terre Haute:     0.56     Rape in the Country:     0.40

Robbery in Terre Haute:     1.59     Robbery in the Country:     1.03

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Consider this: The average time it takes for police to respond to a call (in the U.S.) is 9 – 22 minutes. The average street fight is less than 10 seconds. This is no offense to our great men and women in law enforcement. It is just an acknowledgement of the limitations on their ability to defend you, and the responsibility you have to defend yourself and those around you.

At the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, students may attend full-time or part-time (we’re Terre Haute’s only full-time option), may learn multiple disciplines (e.g., Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, TaeKwonDo, etc.) while learning weapons use and defense.

Why should I take weapons use and defense courses?

According to FBI records, over 60% of violent crimes are committed with a weapon of some sort.  Considering that a majority of violent crimes are committed with weapons, shouldn’t your self-defense training empower you to deal with these situations?  (I, personally, don’t believe it can be called self-defense or martial arts if it doesn’t, given these statistics.)

I’ve heard some instructors tell their students “to just run”.  They claim you “can’t defend against someone with a weapon”.  They instruct their students to “run”.  However, there are situations where running is not an option.  Consider the following:

  1. The person with the weapon can out-run you;
  2. You’re with a loved one who can’t out-run the attacker; or,
  3. The weapon has the ability to out-pace you and harm or kill you despite your ability to out-run the attacker.

If running were enough to avoid a person with a weapon, why would you need to take their self-defense system at all?  Couldn’t you just out-run any situation, any attacker?  All you would need is track and field…..


While it’s fun to compete in sports-orientated fighting events, the reality is that when the real fights – the ones with the greatest consequences – need fought, we need to be empowered to deal with the culture of those events, and sports-orientated fighting doesn’t provide that.

Doesn’t the MMA systems equip people to deal with those situations?  It’s elite!

No.  It does not.  Here’s a simple illustration of what I mean:

If I told you that you were going to fight, and that it would only be one person – and a person who was within five to ten pounds your own weight – on a flat, soft surface, where there would be no threat of weapon use, biting, groin kicks or punches, pressure-point strikes or knee attacks, would that equal the guarantees you’d have on the street if attacked?  Well, of course not!  (Just look at the above statistics from the FBI and the use of weapons!)  So, how does a culture like the “MMA”  (I don’t agree with the term MMA to describe those people, but that’s a subject of another blog) empower its practitioners to do that?  Logically, we understand that it doesn’t.

Allow me to give you one more example before I close:  Kicking.  Did you know that none of the kicks praciticed in Wing Chun are legal in the UFC, Bellator or the like?  Do you know why?  They’re too dangerous.  Now, how would someone who fights in such a culture and never practices to deal with those kicks assume ability to respond to them when they are forced upon them?

Folks, don’t be fooled by the marketing of large sports venues and the arrogance that the current boxing, kickboxing and MMA fighters pronounce (or their disrespect and vulgar expressions).  The reality of the street is that those types of attitudes invite violence in one’s life, and a true master learns to evade violence.

Empower yourself to life, and never (again) be a victim of someone’s stupidity!™

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