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Conceal Carry & Bringing Your Best Self-defense: A Police Officer Offers Advice

While listening to a local police officer teach about conceal carry laws and the use of guns in self-defense, something he said reflected something I tell my kung-fu students, at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu kwoon:

If you are leaving your house, and you don’t bring your gun everywhere with you.  If you don’t think you need it for that particular trip.  Then, I have to ask you:  When you do leave and think you need it, why are you going to that place?

The officer continued by showing everyone a video of a woman who was attacked while going to the gas station and driving through Starbucks.  She did not bring her gun with her, believing (as she told her husband before leaving the house) she wouldn’t need it for such a fast trip.  The attacker came at her car, while she was in line. . .  And, he brought a weapon with him.  It made the officer’s point very clear: If situations like this could happen during a assumed safe trip from the house, why go anywhere you think is so unsafe that you need your gun; better yet, why assume any trip is safe enough to leave without your gun?  I mean:  You are picking and choosing where you’re going and defining the risk associated with that trip before you leave your house, and how can you predict the risks associated with those environments?

Attacked in CAr 4

The same can be said of those who assume: “It’ll never happen to me.

While they may not know it, those are the ones making themselves the obvious targets of those seeking victims for the “sucker-punch”.  And, those are the ones that fail to provide themselves the resources (either with a weapon or without a weapon) to defend themselves and their families.

The same can be said of those who over-rely on their gun.  As one Army officer put it:

I need about nine to ten feet to draw my weapon and use it, and I train nearly every day with it. . . .  Now, what do you think that means for those who don’t [train as often as he does]?  The reality is, our troops train in hand-to-hand combat, with multiple types of weapons. . . . because they may face those situations where they cannot get to their gun.  They have to know how to deal with those situations, and get to their gun when necessary.

Did you know that the United States (U.S.) Army Rangers and the U.S. Navy Seals, just to name two, train in Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Why leave the house without equipping yourself to bring your best, if the situation requires it? Never Again™ (or if you’ve Never™ been a victim of violence) be a victim of someone else’s stupidity.  Learn real self-defense.  Because when it matters most there are no trophies or participation awards.

Empower yourself to life!™

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