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Never Again!™ Never!™ From Tournaments to the Street:

Many western martial arts, today, deal in isolationism-sparring.  What I mean by that is they like to spar others from other schools just like their own.  For example, taekwondo vs. taekwondo in the same association, or jiujitsu vs. wrestling, and the like.  In this article, we’ll hear from one man, who for years sparred in such a taekwondo association, who learned a valuable lesson one day about training for those tournaments vs. the street:

Yeah.  I’d earned my third degree black belt, but I’d never fought anywhere but in those tournaments.  Don’t get me wrong, I did well in them.  I won a lot of the tournaments I competed in. . . .  I was quite confident.  Yes. . . .  Then, one day, when coming out of a gas station I was approached by a guy who asked to borrow a couple of bucks.  When I told him I didn’t have any money, he jumped me.  I couldn’t get my kicks off, and he hit me before I knew it.

taekwondo tournament

The whole experience had me going back over everything I learned, and I began questioning my Sensei so much that he kicked me out of the school.  He said I was disrupting the program. Anyway, I found this . . . kung-fu school, and started learning there.  There were no problems with me asking questions, and I could, easily, see how I could have used the lessons in my own self-defense situation. . . .

This man’s experiences are why we say, “Never Again!™”  If you’ve ever had a negative experience, similar to his or not, we help make sure you’re never again a victim of someone else’s stupid decisions.  And if you’ve “Never!™” been a victim of such violence, don’t take that for granted.  As this man learned: It can happen to you.

Empower yourself to life!™

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