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Never Again!™ Never!™ A Law Enforcement Officer’s Self-defense Story:

I’ve been in the martial arts for over forty years.  During that time I’ve had a lot of my own self-defense experiences, but it never ceases to amaze me to hear others’ stories: Those enlightening moments of truth that spoke to them about what fighting really is and what self-defense has to be in order to save their lives or the lives of those around them.  Here’s one I heard back in the 90s from a law enforcement officer (We’ll call him Jeff Doe to protect his privacy):

Our self-defense training was limited.  I mean, we did a lot of firearm training and ground fighting stuff.  You know:  The grappling and take downs.  We were trying to get people cuffed; not kill them.  We did do some stand-up stuff [fighting practice], but nothing like you kung-fu guys are doing.  I never questioned it [his training].  (laughing:)  I even became an instructor, myself.  But, after years of training I came across this guy, one night, outside a club, who surprised me.  I couldn’t get a grip on him, and didn’t know how to slow him down.  Before I knew it, he’d struck my eyes, broke two fingers on my right hand, and throat-struck me.

street fight throat strike

I’m grateful to be alive.  If not for my colleague’s fast response and my stubbornness, I may not have gone home to my wife that night, or seen my son born.  (My wife and I had a son a year later.)  …  You never know where these attackers are going to take things – how far they’ll take it, I mean.

Today, I continue to teach jiu jitsu, but I continue to learn wing chun, too.  I don’t want my son to grow up without me, or my wife to have to raise our son without me.  I love them too much to do that to them.

Jeff’s experiences are why we say, “Never Again!™”  If you’ve ever had a negative experience, similar to Jeff’s or not, we help make sure you’re never again a victim of someone else’s stupid decisions.  And if you’ve “Never!™” been a victim of such violence, don’t take that for granted.  As Jeff learned: It can happen to you.

Empower yourself to life!™

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