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Self Defense Training Isn’t Self Defense Training If It Excludes Weapons

In the state of Indiana last year there were nearly 400 murders, over 2,400 rapes, over 7,000 robberies, and nearly 16,000 assault cases.  And, here in and around Terre Haute, we’re seeing the number of murder and rape cases go up (and have for the last several years).  What’s more alarming is that over 60% of these crimes were committed with a weapon of some sort.  Consider that for a moment before continuing.

weapons on street

So, why would you invest in a self-defense program that didn’t teach you how to use a weapon and defend against a weapon?  What’s the point when the statistic – right here in Indiana – are so high?

Folks, this is why we, here at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy (in Terre Haute, IN.), teach all of our students weapons use and defense.  Empower yourself to life™ and Never Again™ Never™ be a victim of someone else’s stupidity.  Learn real self-defense.

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