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Indiana Violent Crime Statistics & Your Need For Self Defense:

That only happens in the bigger cities.  Terre Haute is safe.  That’ll never happen to me.

Excuses.  These are excuses for not being proactive and empowering yourself to life™, when life is threatened.

Did you know that in the State of Indiana there were over 25,000 non-property related violent crimes? 373 ended in murder, 2,404 rape, and 7,111 robbery.  Overall, there were 15,765 assault cases.  (Check out these statistics for Terre Haute, Indiana too!)

Street Fight

While Vigo County makes up a small portion of those numbers, the murder and rapes statistics show a troubling, growing trend in these types of violent crimes.

Folks, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to empower yourself to life™, so Never Again™ or Never™ will you or they be victims of someone else’s stupidity.

What are you holding onto that is holding you back?

We, here at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, are Terre Haute’s only school offering full- and part-time training, training in multiple disciplines, and instructors with real-world experience using their martial art system – not to mention weapons training.

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