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Never Again!™ Never!™ Jane Doe’s Self-defense Story:

Those of us who have lived in Terre Haute, Indiana are familiar with Indiana State University (ISU) and the homecoming happenings surrounding it.  What we don’t always come to understand are the negative and harmful events that take place on innocent people, like this person’s (who we’ll call Jane Doe for her privacy):

Wing Chun Women's Self Defense 7I was walking with some friends from the ISU parking area down Wabash Avenue when four guys jumped me.  At first I thought they were just after my purse, but they didn’t stop with my purse.  If it weren’t for my friends and some people around, I’m not sure what they’d done to me.  I left with my purse, but I was beat up pretty good.

Jane Doe chose to never have it happen to her again.

Something like that never leaves you….  After awhile I knew I had to do something about it so it’d never happen again.  So, I started self-defense training.  I refuse to be a victim to someone who’s trying to hurt me again.

Wing Chun Women

Jane’s experiences are why we say, “Never Again!™”  If you’ve ever had a negative experience, similar to Jane’s or not, we help make sure you’re never again a victim of someone else’s stupid decisions.  And if you’ve “Never!™” been a victim of such violence, don’t take that for granted.  As Jane learned: It can happen to you.

So, whether your reason for learning self-defense is “Never Again!™” or “Never!™” in the first-place, come join us at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu kwoon.

Empower yourself to life!™

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