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How Can Wing Chun Be Practiced Outside of Combat?

People come to our kwoon (i.e., school or learning hall) for a number of reasons.  Some want to learn self-defense; others want to learn to develop and maintain wellness; others want to learn to use their wellness; etc.  This question is one that gets asked, most often, by those seeking the later.  But, it’s a question everyone – regardless their reason for learning – should be asking.  Let’s take a brief look at why:

Wing Chun Background Layered 1

We, here at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu kwoon, teach the principles of Wing Chun in a way that emphasizes their importance in the mind of the student. For example: If they’re interested in combat, they learn the principles for combat; then, we ask a simple question (one that was asked as Wing Chun was developed): Why live contrary to these principles when such living compromises your ability to defend yourself?

It’s a simple question, but something people don’t think about.  When they come to that place – where they’re willing to think about that – we can begin to use the principles they’re learning within actions they partake in their individual lives.  Self-defense takes on a whole new meaning, then.

They are, then, defending themselves from the negative outcomes of the daily actions they take (e.g., their work habits or other living habits).  And, preserving the condition they know is important to their combat needs.


We can give similar examples for the other reasons (people) who come to learn Wing Chun.  For example: There are those who want to be able to defend themselves who never exercise the use of wellness they develop in the gym for anything other than looking good.  These impressive looking individuals, after coming to learn Wing Chun, come to realize that there’s more to fighting than a lot of muscle.  The mind-body connection, proper mind-intentions, the ability of the body to follow the mind-intent correctly, relating to your opponent(s) and the environment you find yourself at the time, proper use of energy (just look at how many strong men lose breath and strength during a boxing match, or UFC match, or just look at McGregor during his fight with Mayweather), . . . . the list goes on and on.  When these individuals learn to relate what they’re doing in the gym to what they do everyday and combat, they come to the ability to defend their self (i.e., self-defense).


Grandmaster Ip Chun, one of Grandmaster Ip Man’s sons, is a great example.  At 93 years old he was still traveling the world and teaching Wing Chun, in some cases embarrassing (and enlightening) 20 – 30 year old practitioners with his uncanny ability to prevent their intention from becoming real.    His use of wellness was applicable, able, efficient and effective.  He is a great example (for all of us) that ability is being able to do what you intend to do the moment you intend to do it whether that “it” is something at work, home, or in combat.

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