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Never Again!™ Never!™ John Doe’s Self-defense Story:

Today, sports fighting has expanded to provide viewers with a variety of spectator sports.  It has, also, become a huge influence on those who follow it.  As this man, who we’ll call John Doe for his privacy, found out, these sporting events are much different than the fighting that takes place on the street:

I love watching Bellator and the UFC!  I did then, and I do now.  It’s what got me into Jiujitsu. I was young, and wanted to fight in one of those.  I never made it, but I did fight in local MMA events.  Did decent, too.  Won most of my fights.  Anyway, after five years of training and competing,  I thought I was doing good.  I was arrogant, too.  Everyone knew I was learning at…..  And everyone respected me.  But, one day I was jumped by this guy, and when I went to the ground my arm broke on the sidewalk, and I was helpless.  And, it’s not like it was just him.  A friend of his jumped in too. They beat the …. out of me.
BJJ gets beaten by multiple attackers on the street.

It really got me thinking about what I’d been learning all those years….  I started looking into other self-defense schools, and I found one that really made sense…..  I never want to be in that position again!

John’s experiences are why we say, “Never Again!™”  If you’ve ever had a negative experience, similar to John’s or not, we help make sure you’re never again a victim of someone else’s stupid decisions.  And if you’ve “Never!™” been a victim of such violence, don’t take that for granted.  As John learned: It can happen to you.

So, whether your reason for learning self-defense is “Never Again!™” or “Never!™” in the first-place, come join us at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana, for real self-defense training.  We can be reached at or (812) 229-4097.

Empower yourself to life!™

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