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Adult Self Defense Considerations

If you’re like me, you’re busy.  I own two businesses, have a wife and four kids, a few grand-kids, even, and am constantly required to respond to outside parties and situations.  Finding the time to do much besides re-actively responding to life’s demands can be difficult, but there has to be proactive time to develop, maintain and revise the use of our wellness.  If we don’t make this time, we deteriorate.  Reminds me of something one of my previous martial arts teachers told me:

Jason, there’s no such thing as standing still, reaching a goal and keeping it.  You’re either growing or your deteriorating.  And no choice is often a choice not to grow.  Look for your forks in the road and choose your response wisely. 

Work Life Balance Quotes 1000 Images About Teachers Balancing The Demands Of Life OnBesides the challenges and demands of everyday life, we, adults, are faced with serious responsibilities, too.  Running from a threat isn’t, often, a choice for us, as we have to stand for our loved ones, fellow employees, friends, and others who count on us.  And, let’s get real, the older we get the harder it is to outrun the attacker, anyway.  So, what are you doing to proactively prepare yourself for this responsibility?

I’d be willing to bet that nearly 100% of you reading this would defend your family if they were threatened by one, two, three or more people – in your home or outside of it.  How many of you take time to prepare for that responsibility, that act of self-defense?

Finding time to practice effectively is hard.  That’s why you need to learn a self-defense that is taught for everyday life.  Being able to reinforce the principles taught in your self-defense course by applying them to everyday life (everyday self-defense of those activities that seek to do your self harm) is key in providing you the resource and resolve to effectively and efficiently defend yourself and those you care about.  If you aren’t getting that out of your self-defense course, you’re not learning self-defense.

At the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana (yostwingchun.com) we teach true self-defense for every aspect of life.  In doing so, you will learn to develop, maintain and use your wellness, as well as defend against one, two or more attackers.  We can be reached at sifuyost@gmail.com or (812) 229-4097.

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