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Tactical Fighting for the Tactical Fighter & Everyday Self-defense



Since I moved to Terre Haute, Indiana (back in 2003), I’ve heard from a lot of people who were disappointed with their choices for learning self-defense (i.e., “martial arts”).  They cite issues with the way the system is taught (e.g., sports orientated rather than street-orientated), the atmosphere in the school (e.g., students criticizing their teacher), or unrealistic principles being taught by instructors with no practical experience using the martial art system they’re teaching.

Now, everyone in the Wabash Valley can learn the same elite tactical self-defense and fighting system these and other great police and military organizations do:

Wing Chun Army 4•   Nassau, NY Academy
•   South Island Correctional Institutions
•   Ohio Police Chiefs Convention
•   Defensive Tactics Association of Georgia
•   Fort Benning Rangers, and other Army manuals and locations
•   The Federal German army’s Special Forces Command (KSK)

  • Easily understood, logical and internally consistent system.
  • Effective and easily learned combinations that can be automated by continuous training.
  • WC is in line with the anatomical circumstances of the human organism.
  • It plays an important role for reaction training, coordination training, for proprioception and motoric learning.
  • Development of various striking techniques in partner and group exercises. One learns to evade attacks rapidly, attack specific targets and even anticipate possible counter-attacks.
  • Preparation for unarmed combat, combat with weapon-like objects and real weapons.
  • “Free-fighting” sessions in which coordination skills are improved.
  • Realistic and versatile training methods.
  • Reduction to effective and reality-based self-defense.
  • Development of fast and precise movements.
  • WC is an extremely dynamic, flexible, adaptable and variable system with respect to different situations, circumstances, actions etc.
  • Enormous importance is attached to role-plays and stress training to improve stress resistance.
  • For certain situations, police officers in particular must be able to learn a few effective techniques within a short time. They must practice them in realistic situations and be able to apply them.
  • Improved tactile, visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensitivity.
  • Mental preparation and self-protection are among the most important training goals.
  • Training to maintain the capability for action in extreme situations and to improve self-assurance (stress training).
  • Correct behavior, defensive action and training for serious encounters: every situation is different. A physical conflict can often be prevented or defused verbally (using speech) and body-language (non-verbal aspects). Should it still come to a physical confrontation, WC in the context of self-defense training can prepare for this.
  • Deescalating, preventing or prevailing in a serious encounter requires the development of anticipatory skills. WC provides good opportunities to practice, develop and improve anticipation.
  • Training to prevent a fight from occurring in the first place, right up to simulation of life-threatening situations (e.g. lying on the ground). Even in such extreme situations, WC offers possibilities for effective self-defense.
  • The WC system provides scope for the development of tactics and strategies, which are of outstanding importance.

Over the years, Wing Chun has been passed down, eventually taught by Grandmaster Ip Man, and further down to Grandmaster Steve Swift and Master Jack Roberts, both of whom taught it to me, Jason Yost.  I started learning Taoist martial arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kempo, Jiujitsu and some Okinawa Karate before meeting Master Roberts and beginning my Wing Chun training in 1996.  Since that time I have earned my tactical fighting degree.  My 40 years of martial arts training and teaching will greatly benefit you, by having the opportunity to learn the entire Wing Chun system in a practical and very real way.

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