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Is It True That Wing Chun Isn’t As Effective As It Once Was?

Every once and awhile I get questions like this from those who are looking to disprove a martial art system’s effectiveness.  The theory is that while the martial art system might have been great when it was first put together, it is irrelevant now due to a number of reasons.  I’ve found that these people consist of two major group-types:

  1. Those who cannot or will not do what it takes to take self-defense (i.e., martial art) lessons; or,
  2. Are engrossed in sports-competitions, foolishly believing they represent the ultimate form of fighting.

But, so as not to dismiss their question altogether, let’s look at one of their reasons that they claim makes their point:  Modern firearms are superior to any empty-hand combat or other weapon; at least, this is what they believe.

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While firearms are much more advanced and easier to use than ever before, there are some very serious issues with over-reliance of a firearm.  Consider that more violent crimes are committed with blunt instruments than all firearms combined; consider more violent crimes are committed with body-parts (e.g., hands, feet, elbows, and knees) than all firearms combined; consider more violent crimes are committed with knives than all firearms combined;. . . . . Consider, and ask yourself why?  If you’ve never had to deal with a real self-defense situation (i.e., street fight), you may not know.  The reality is that no one fights fair, and attempts to sucker the opponent are a major part of any conflict.  Drawing a weapon and effectively using it requires a lot of space and time.  If you don’t know how to do what you have to do in order to get to and draw your weapon, you won’t be using it.

Wing Chun is a system of fighting that seeks to empower students for the worst of situations.  If you’ve experienced someone who didn’t teach it that way, you either didn’t stick around long enough to learn it or the instructor wasn’t teaching Wing Chun.  Schools will, inevitably, vary in quality and content, but if the principles are being taught properly that shouldn’t matter.

I would encourage readers, who are asking this question and seeking to learn a practical self-defense system, to invest the time in a quality Wing Chun school.  Until you do it, you won’t know.  You can’t know.  If you’d like to learn more about us, write to

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