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Bringing Home the Gold!

As a martial arts instructor, one of the most important decisions you make is where you will have your students fight.  Each venue offers different things, and excludes others.  An instructor has to find the right venue to instill the principles, values in their students.  Lackadaisically picking a venue does one’s students no good.

When I first started the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, the other Sifu and I chose the wrong venue.  The promoter was not honest, and the consequences for fighters (who weren’t his own) was high.  We had to find something else – something that fit the above mentioned criteria.

Competitors preparing for the CIMA Invitational

That’s when we met the Midwest Martial Arts Federation.  This Federation of schools (and their masters) is not promoter-based, respectful, and offers many competitions for different goals to meet the above mentioned criteria.  So, we thought we’d give it a try.

Saturday, July 14, we attended (and had two of our students fight) in the Central Illinois Martial Arts Invitational.  And, it was a very positive experience.  Everyone was quality people; the competitions were judged amazingly; the diversity in martial art systems and competitions were great; the environment suitable for the event; and, our two students won their competitions, bringing home the gold medals.

From left to right: Sifu Yost, Devon Pool, William Asse, Sifu Ellington

Congratulations to William Asse and Devon Pool.  While this was William’s second competition (in his training career), this was Devon’s first.  Both were complimented by many of the judges and other attendees, and we are very proud of you both.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime.  I can be reached at sifuyost@gmail.com or (812) 229-4097.

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