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Self Defense in Tallahassee Florida – Really!

A man recently inquired about self-defense lessons in the area, commenting:

Most of the schools around here seem to cater to children or sports.  I want something I can use if I’m attacked with my kids or wife. Do you guys offer that?

The short answer to that question is: Yes.  That’s what the Wing Chun system teaches; in fact, it was born out of a situation that required people to defend themselves during war-like conditions.

ngmuiIn the 17th Century, a lady by the name Ng Mui was one of only five survivors of an invasion.  Can you imagine being in that situation?  She wanted to refine her martial arts skill, developing a system that could be used against the invaders despite her size and age.  As time went on, she did just that.

When Ng Mui met a young woman who was being oppressed by a local Warlord, she taught the young woman her martial arts system.  Later, that young woman would go on to beat the Warlord and free herself of his oppression.  The martial arts system was, eventually by her husband, named after this young woman: Yim Wing Chun.  In short:  Wing Chun.

Wing Chun has two main meanings:

  • Eternal springtime
  • Hope for the future

What kind of hope for the future would you have if you and your family were attacked on the street today?  I’m not asking to be offensive.  The honest answer is the one you should embrace.  Responding to it could make the difference in the future if you and your family are faced with such a situation.

One of the biggest mistakes people make today is they say, “This can never happen to me.” It’s as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Necessity never made a good bargain.”  That’s why, when investing in learning a self-defense, one needs to learn something practical and real, not just a program or a sport.  The situations that arise outside of a sporting event or an exercise program require more from us, and many come with a higher price.

Wing Chun Army 4Today, many of the world’s military forces (e.g., the U.S. Army Rangers and Navy Seals) and police forces (e.g., New York, Georgia and Ohio) learn and use Wing Chun, demonstrating the usefulness of Ng Mui’s efforts in developing a system that is effective, efficient and otherwise practical.


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