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World Wushu – KungFu Day

2018 meant the start of something new, and something exciting for martial art practitioners, wushu and kung fu practitioners, as well as sports fans.  As per the resolution from the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), on August 11, 2018 people from Bucharest, Romania, Shanghi, China, even Terre Haute, Indiana celebrated the first annual World Wushu – KungFu Day.

Who the IWUF is: 

To put it in their own words:

IWUFThe International Wushu Federation (IWUF), which was established on October 3rd, 1990, is the international federation (IF) which governs wushu in all its forms worldwide. Currently, the IWUF has 149 members, across 5 continental federations worldwide. The IWUF is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and is also a member of both ARISF and GAISF.

The IWUF is devoted to the spread and development of wushu throughout the world, to enrich people’s lives by making them healthier, both mentally and physically, and to promote friendship and understanding between all people worldwide . . . .

As a global leader in the Wushu and Kung Fu movements, IWUF is committed to developing Wushu and Kung Fu as an Olympic event.  Wushu and Kung Fu advocates the concepts of peace, harmony, friendship, health, and morality.  The establishment of World Wushu-KungFu Day aims to call people from all over the world to get close to Wushu-KungFu, by learning about it’s vast and rich contemporary and traditional content.  IWUF hopes that the annual World Wushu-KungFu Day can regularly share the beauty and richness of Chinese Martial Arts with people scattered all over the world!

Celebrating in Terre Haute, Indiana: 

As practitioners of Wushu and Kung Fu, we, here at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana, recognize this day, and we’re celebrating throughout this week.

wing_chun_banner_collage_with_mom_and_dadWhile the Wabash Valley has, in the past, lacked the cultural exchanges that taught residents Chinese martial arts, that is changing.  Our kwoon (i.e., school or learning hall), for example, teaches several of these systems including but not necessarily limited to Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Chi Kung, and a large list of weapons use and defense for practical, efficient and effective applications in individual lives.

In recognition of this new and long over-due World Wushu-KungFu Day, the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is offering a special during our week of celebration: $10/month off the cost of your tuition for the life of your membership.  To learn more contact us at (812) 229-4097, or come by the school: 1708 S. 8th St., Terre Haute, Indiana.

Empower yourself to life!™

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