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As We were Created, so We Be!

There are (and have been) a lot of garbage regurgitated about kung fu, making it look like something out of a comic book rather than what it really is.  While some of these practices go back many decades (e.g., the Boxers, of the Boxers Rebellion, believed that with the right training and concoction the swords and bullets of their enemies would not kill them), many are more recent to the television and movie producers who seek to make as much money of the mysteries of kung fu as possible.  And, then, there’s the other source: The cultivation, over generations, of improper use of self.  It is of this later point I want to discuss. . . .

As someone who has practiced kung fu for over forty years, there are times I’ve demonstrated a principle of kung fu to those who were left speechless.  (For example, one time I took a six-foot four-inch young man (I’m five-foot six-inches tall and twenty years younger than this particular young man) who weighed some fifty-plus pounds more than me, and used him to demonstrate proper structure in motion.  I place the palm of my hand against his and asked him to keep me from moving.  I walked through him for some ten feet before he found balance and stopped my forward motion.)  That doesn’t mean that we’re using some supernatural, magical power to unlock doors with our minds (like David Carradine in Kung Fu the Legend Continues).  It just means that the audience hasn’t come to the understanding of that particular set of kung fu principles in use.

20170302_110050(0)As someone who has taught some form of kung fu for twenty-plus years, I can tell you that a majority of those that come to me are conditioned to use their self incorrectly; consequently, their integrity (of structure, intention, etc.) is weaker than it should be and the risk of injury is higher than it should be.  This is unacceptable in kung fu, and practitioners are guided toward their full potential, a potential psychiatry and neurology calls The Flow State.

While this type of be-ing (i.e., condition of one’s self – wholly – in relation to its actions and relationships with that being acted upon) may look mysterious to many, it’s nothing more than be-ing as we were created to be.  You see:  There’s an integrity of self upon which we were all created.  Learning to apply that created be-ing wholly to our lives is the goal of (1) wellness, (2) maintaining wellness, (3) and the defense of wellness (internal or external).

There are many levels to this type of be-ing that could be layered a part for knowledge, too many to cover in one article.  What I will attempt to do, in future articles, is cover your questions and some of these principles for your perception.  That said, no one can help you on this (or any other online media) master these principles without (1) first qualifying themselves to do so and (2) working with you in person.  So, if it comes to a point where you’re ready to develop these things for yourself, you will want to seek out a qualified Sifu (i.e., teacher) to guide you along the way.

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