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They Attacked My Daughter, and There Was Nothing I Could Do!

Family ProtectionOne of the hardest things to accept as a martial artist is the reality that no matter how much one trains one cannot protect everyone they love all of the time.  To make matters worse, everyone you love will not be interested in self-defense training.  For example, my daughter was at the pre-game parties for Indiana State University’s (ISU’s) home coming with a few friends.  During this event she was mugged and nearly worse, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it – I wasn’t there.

While out with her friends, all on their way to the “big game”, three males came forward and attacked my daughter.  They pulled, pushed, struck and attempted to take her purse and more.  Given she’d refused to learn any self-defense as a child (she was a young adult, early twenties, when this happened), she wasn’t able to fend off these attackers.  Had it not been for the awareness of a few others and their loud approach, these three males may have gotten away with their negative intentions.
Wing Chun Women's Self Defense 7
My daughter was lucky.  While she was stirred up and sore, she wasn’t raped, robbed, or worse.  But your family may not be as lucky.  That’s why you want to prepare t

hem for the unthinkable with a capable condition to their self.  And that’s what we do at the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana.

We work together and help each other learn self-defense and survive the unthinkable.  You see:  You cannot do that if you haven’t faced the truth of these situations.

Empower yourself to life!™

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