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Be Careful What You Wish For!

How many of you teach martial arts to someone or a group of people?  Have you ever had someone walk up to you, all cocky, to “check you out”?  Well, this blog is for those looking to check someone out – not you.

As you may imagine, I have seen this a lot in my time teaching, especially with young men of ego.  The one thing that I will warn these young men is this: Be careful what you wish for – what you’re asking for – because you may find out the person standing in front of you is more than willing to humble you.  Think of it like this:

  1. What are you really asking for?  If it’s to impress your friends, are you willing to lose in front of them?  Have you thought about that?  If it’s to make someone else lose-face and follow you, are you willing to lose-face and follow the other person if you lose?  The only thing that assures you these alternatives cannot happen is your ego – not reality.  Reality will become clear soon enough.
  2. What are you really asking?  If you’re looking to find out if someone is a good teacher, you must first become their student.  Otherwise how will you know if they can teach well?  If you’re looking to see if that person can fight, you must truly fight them.

Talk and debates prove nothing.

And, on the subject of fighting something you must be willing to do is fight them – not challenge your ability within your comfort-zone.  That means: Losing Battle

  • if they are good at kicking and can kick you a lot, you cannot get mad at them;
  • if they are trained to lock arms and legs, with breaking or disabling them in mind, you cannot get mad at them for doing so;
  • if they are trained to bite, scratch or use weapons, you cannot get mad at them for doing so . . .

That is who they are.  And, if you’re looking to beat the person you must fight the person.  You can’t blame them if you can’t beat them.

And, before you say some of my examples are extreme, remember: You brought the fight to this person.  They didn’t bring it to you.  They are defending themselves from your antagonistic behavior.

Mature martial artists understand these things and remain humble.  Their wisdom has shown them that humility often unveils other’s abilities and intentions, and it protects from unnecessary evils.

Empower yourself to life!™

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