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Situational Awareness in Human Supervisory Controls

My last blog began a discussion of an issue that prevents us from being situationally aware: The psychological distancing of self from the environments around us and relationships we’re involved. I won’t recall the points made in that article, but I do encourage you to read it as it will help this one make better sense. Rather, I want to continue that conversation to give you some more pointers, to help you avoid the psychological distancing discussed previously.

To do that I want to delve deeper into David Kaber and Mica Endsley’s research paper, entitled Out-of-the-Loop Performance Problems and the Use of Intermediate Levels of Automation for Improved Control System Functioning and Safety, to identify two key human supervisory controls that are key to psychological distancing and its disastrous results:

  1. Failure to detect critical cues regarding the state of the system. This can be a number of things, ranging from identifying the strengths and weaknesses (1) of your current martial art or fighting system, (2) in the application of self in your combat training, (3) in your application of your combat training in your everyday life (e.g., how you’re preparing your environment and behavior outside of class so you’re ready if you need to defend yourself), . . . . What can you think of, yourself, that could can do in this area to improve?
  2. Failure to understand individual task responsibilities and the responsibilities of
    others. Communication is a big part of this, but so is our state of mind in relation to community. As I stated in a previous blog, a martial artists has a responsibility to more than self. That responsibility touches on a number of factors, including (1) when to use our martial ability and when not to, (2) how we represent ourselves to others, (3) how we contribute to community and family, . . .  That responsibility starts where our training starts and, as I stated in a previous blog, how we apply ourselves to that training, for example what kind of questions we’re asking our instructors and classmates. . . .  What are you doing in this area to help you mitigate your psychological distancing and empowering your ability to defend self? Are there areas you can improve?  How so?

Situational awareness is the perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning and a projection of their status in the near future. ~ Mica Endsley

In a future blog I want to touch on how we can develop our ability to sense cues in the developing events and environment we engage (or relate) in order to avoid or respond to threats in our lives. For now, I wish you a good day.

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