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How Can Wing Chun Be Practiced Outside of Combat?

People come to our kwoon (i.e., school or learning hall) for a number of reasons.  Some want to learn self-defense; others want to learn to develop and maintain wellness; others want to learn to use their wellness; etc.  This question is one that gets asked, most often, by those seeking the later.  But, it's a… Continue reading How Can Wing Chun Be Practiced Outside of Combat?

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Wing Chun & The Military Discussion

As with any business, the military is made up of many different positions, each important to the over-all team and mission(s) objective(s).  In order for any mission to succeed, every individual in every team (and the teams involved in the mission) must do their part.  There are those who specialize in various computer technologies, some… Continue reading Wing Chun & The Military Discussion