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Active Listening Self Defense Training

Have you ever been discussing something with a friend and catch yourself drifting off?  They say something you either agree or disagree with, and your mind begins to respond to their comment; in the meantime, you fail to capture everything they're saying.  Sure.  We're all guilty of that.  (Husbands, reportedly, more so than wives. lol)… Continue reading Active Listening Self Defense Training

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How Does Wing Chun Kung Fu Deal With Ground Fighters?

In many of the Western-world's countries, martial arts have been diluted  even redefined as a sports competition.  The once combat martial art has been reduced to a useful lesson or two in how to fight within a set of sports-orientated rules in the minds of many.  This leads to questions, debates, and other issues with… Continue reading How Does Wing Chun Kung Fu Deal With Ground Fighters?