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Fellowship of Martial Arts

While I have warned in my blogs of becoming as arrogant and presumptuous as these athletes put on before their fights, I wanted to write this blog to highlight something of importance regarding one's maturation in any fighting system: fellowship of martial arts, or martial artists.  Proper fellowship is essential if you want to learn… Continue reading Fellowship of Martial Arts

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Tactical Fighting for the Tactical Fighter & Everyday Self-defense

TACTICAL FIGHTING for the TACTICAL FIGHTER & EVERYDAY SELF-DEFENSE   Since I moved to Terre Haute, Indiana (back in 2003), I've heard from a lot of people who were disappointed with their choices for learning self-defense (i.e., "martial arts").  They cite issues with the way the system is taught (e.g., sports orientated rather than street-orientated),… Continue reading Tactical Fighting for the Tactical Fighter & Everyday Self-defense